“Felecia and Ellen do great work. Very thorough, insightful and timely.”
Frank & Lindy Plumbing & Heating Service Co.
William B. Raymond
“Felecia & Ellen are a terrific find! Not only do they help me with my taxes, but have also helped guide me with starting up my business. Efficient, professional and fun to work with is how I would describe them. Sternbach & Rose is a team to have on your side!”
Caroline Lupo, Owner
Caroline’s Essentials Laser & Skin Care, LLC
“I owed tax to both the State and Federal government one year, and didn’t file my returns. I was going through a rough time financially and didn’t have the money available to pay my tax liability and chose not to file which I knew was a mistake. I knew the day was coming that not filing the returns would catch up with me. Well, sure enough, that day arrived a few years later when I received a bill from the Federal government for more than four times what it was originally owed, with hefty penalty and interest charges. The first thing I did was panic! The very next thing I did was to pick up my phone and call my accountant Sternbach & Rose. Long story short, Ellen went to bat and managed to completely turn the situation around. Not only was she able to drastically reduce the government estimated tax debt, but she was able to lower the penalty amount too! I have always recommended Sternbach & Rose. If you’re in need of a top notch accounting firm then look no further than Sternbach & Rose.”
“When my previous accountant abruptly had to leave his practice, I was left with a lot of unfinished business and in a virtual mess. Choosing a new accountant presented somewhat of a challenge. I called a friend who is in the same business as me, the restaurant business,and he gave me the accounting firm of Sternbach & Rose. They came in and resolved all unfinished business and fixed all the mistakes and put me back on track. I can now relax and concentrate on running my restaurant- what a relief. When a friend recently called me looking for an accountant, without hesitation I recommended Sternbach & Rose. “
Giulio Di Vito
Capri II Pizza, Inc.
“Sternbach & Rose handled my tax returns with much patience and helped me tremendously during a tough time. It is certainly a load off my mind knowing they are handling things for me. I applaud their professionalism and look forward to a long relationship. “
Brennan Donahue
“Sternbach & Rose, CPAs have been our accountants of choice for many years. The attention to detail, availability both “in season and out” for questions and the level of service has far exceeded my expectations, hopes and dreams. I recommend them regularly to family and friends, a first class outfit! “
Peter Denenberg
Acme Recording Studios
“It is a unique breath of fresh air in the form of the CPA experience. Having been in business as a NY corporation since 1986, we had contracted two accountants for this U.S.A manufacturing based entrepreneurial wholesale business up until 2009. Although both of the previous PROHITTER accountants retained were professional they were night and day from our Felecia Sternbach, Ellen Rose experience. As both of these women are more than charming, and beyond being pleasant in the way they communicate as well as perform their skillful CPA craft. By the way, prior to PRO-HITTER CORP meeting up with and working with STERNBACH and ROSE CPAs, we had thought that other CPAs were either all having a bad day, and/or they were all somehow saddled with grumpy personalities by nature. So therefore if most CPAs are grumpy by nature, then that places Felecia Sternbach and Ellen Rose at being truly most unique to the positive in contrast and by the many millions. “
Philip Lomedico, President
Pro-Hitter Corp.
“When I purchased my business, The Valley Market, I was concerned about its financial short-comings due to the very poorly maintained “backroom” administration of the financial system of the previous owner, and just how I was going to turn that around. After meeting with your firm, Sternbach & Rose,CPAs, those concerns were immediately put to rest. Your firm took immediate action and control of the situation, devoted as much time as was necessary to remedy the failings of the previous owner’s neglect of the financial status of this Market, and within less than a week we had, what was a disaster, completely transformed into a well maintained, organized system of checks and balances. I just want to take this opportunity to thank you, and your firm, for your quick and decisive action in bringing my Market under financial control in such short order. We now have a well-maintained, financially sound system in place and I couldn’t be happier with the results.”
Michael R. Finney, President/CEO
Valley Market
“In starting my own business, it has been invaluable working with Sternbach & Rose. Ellen and Felecia are excellent, knowledgeable and personable CPA’s. They are educated on the latest New York State laws, and are able to give excellent advice based on their vast experience with other clientele. Ellen and Felecia are also very accessible and responsive when I have had any questions. It has been a pleasure to work with them and I would highly recommend Sternbach & Rose to anyone looking for competent CPA’s!”
Kerri Hamm, Owner
Kerri Lynne Photography
“Sternbach & Rose — to me it’s, “Ellen and Felecia”. About three years ago I was forced to make a change and for once it worked out for the better. They have lifted a weight off my shoulders. When you run multiple businesses you need to know your accounting is covered correctly, and any time I needed help, from filling out FASA forms for my daughters’ colleges to even filing permits for health departments; they are there for me. I also rely on them very much for personal advice and have recommended them to my former business partner and also my brother.”
Lou Presta, President
Frank & Joe’s Deli of Scarsdale, Inc.
“My experience with Sternbach & Rose goes back to when they started their accounting firm. From day one their expert advice on tax matters, bookkeeping programs and training, scheduled filings and other services have been outstanding. They make it easier for me to focus on my business because I’m confident they are taking care of all those details that can be distractions. And Ellen and Felecia are a pleasure to work with.”
B. Fast, Owner
Seagull Control System
“My experience with Sternbach & Rose goes back to when they started their accounting firm. From day one their expert advice on tax matters, bookkeeping programs and training, scheduled filings and other services have been outstanding. They make it easier for me to focus on my business because I’m confident they are taking care of all those details that can be distractions. And Ellen and Felecia are a pleasure to work with.”
Barbara Robinson, President
Back to Basics Tutorial Assistance, Inc.
“Ellen and Felecia saved me so much time and money and helped my business in so many ways I can’t even begin to thank them enough. Now my entire family is using them because they see how much they have done for my personal and business tax situation.”
Loretta Reilly, Owner
Loretta Reilly Design, Inc.
“Sternbach & Rose takes care of my personal taxes and two businesses (987 Main Street Real Estate, LLC and Smart Decision). We had our personal taxes done by Andersen Consulting and Pricewaterhouse Coopers, but we never got the attention and guidance offered by Sternbach & Rose. We greatly appreciate the service you have done for us!”
Ronise Stiefelmann, Owner
Stiefelmann LLC & Clementyne Design
“I have had the pleasure of working with Sternbach and Rose, CPA’s for the past year and have been extremely happy with their services. Last year, I decided to incorporate and had no idea how to navigate the tax laws etc, and they made the process very easy for me and gave me the confidence to go ahead and make that first step. Ellen and Felecia are not only very smart, ethical, and up on all the tax laws, but they offer a very personal touch to what can be a very impersonal business. I would highly recommend them to anyone, whether it be for business or personal taxes, they really know their stuff!”
Janice Proud, President
JGP Design, Inc.
“Ellen and Felecia have a wonderful combination of knowledge, patience, skill, curiosity and most importantly humor. They listen, question, advise and inform. They have helped guide me through some incredibly challenging times and are now helping me organize, anticipate and plan putting me in a better situation for the future. They manage to do all this calmly, efficiently and with warm generous smiles that make meetings not just necessary and helpful but a true pleasure. Thank you Sternbach & Rose!”
Rana Faure, Owner
Rana Faure Photography