We view our client relationships as ongoing partnerships

Income Tax Preparation

We will make preparing your income tax return as pain free as possible. We take the time to ask the questions that can help lower your tax liability.

Tax Planning

We can help you create income and tax planning strategies to help lower the tax consequences of your future goals and income streams.

Tax Resolution

We have a staff of tax resolution specialists that will represent your best interest. Wheather you owe the IRS $1,000 or $100,000. We are here to sucessfully negotiate your case or determine a financially viable arrangement.

Fiduciary Income Tax Preparation & Planning

Our Trust and estate accounting and planning team will help advise you through all the rules and regulations of trust and estate planning. We prepare all types of fiduciary returns including 1041, 709 and 706.

Foreign Reporting

We can help taxpayers holding assets in foreign countries to get through the myriad of regulations and reporting requirements. The tax laws for American citizens living and working internationally can be daunting. Our experienced professionals are familiar with all the deductions, exemptions, and filing requirements for our international residents and non-resident citizens.