Whether you have been in business forever or you’re just starting out, we can put together a unique plan to handle all of your accounting and tax needs.​
All types of business tax returns are prepared with the knowledge of professionals with years of experience in a increasingly complex income tax environment.
We can set up your books to conform to your way of doing business. We can put our skills and knowledge to work for you.
Our CPAs can help you resolve your tax issues (IRS, State or City) and develop a strategy to minimize your tax debt.
Sales tax was always a complex issue for businesses in the tri-state area, but now with the Wayfair decision, sales tax has become a focus for businesses in all states. Our professionals are well-versed in all aspects of state sales tax regulations.
Banks/creditors, investors, and non-profit organizations, need assurance that financial statements accurately represent the true financial position of a company. We can provide financial reports, compilations and reviews for third parties, company management and directors, and the general public.
We can implement a payroll solution that works for your company, whether your employees are paid weekly, bi-weekly or monthly. CPAPAY, Inc., works with our CPAs to optimize withholdings for you and your employees. We also work with benefits advisors to provide for retirement planning tools and employment insurance needs.
Our professionals come from a variety of backgrounds that give unique perspectives for your business. We can provide insightful, innovative solutions for your growing business.
We have a Quickbooks Certified Pro Advisor on staff that can expertly train you or your employees to utilize the Quickbooks software efficiently and effectively.
We can help advise you with entity selection, the formation of a business plan, or simply refer other professional services from our wide-ranging network of local business services.


Whether your tax situation is complex or straight forward, with common sense strategies and proper planning, we can help you to lower your tax burden and save you money.​
We will make preparing your income tax return as pain free as possible. We take the time to ask the questions that can help lower your tax liability.
We can help you create income and tax planning strategies to help lower the tax consequences of your future goals and income streams.
We have a staff of tax resolution specialists that will represent your best interest. Wheather you owe the IRS $1,000 or $100,000. We are here to sucessfully negotiate your case or determine a financially viable arrangement.
Our Trust and estate accounting and planning team will help advise you through all the rules and regulations of trust and estate planning. We prepare all types of fiduciary returns including 1041, 709 and 706.

We can help taxpayers holding assets in foreign countries to get through the myriad of regulations and reporting requirements. The tax laws for American citizens living and working internationally can be daunting. Our experienced professionals are familiar with all the deductions, exemptions, and filing requirements for our international residents and non-resident citizens.

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